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floriseah asked : How do you change the font on your phone?? xx

Hey Floriseah! Thanks for asking, my message box gets lonely haha ;) 
There are several apps on the Play Store that provide a bunch of fonts that you can use on your phone! If you want my specific font, it’s from the app called HiFont. The font title is Rixlovefool! You have O’s as hearts. I know, pretty girly of me haha. 
Oh! And I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I’m not sure if HiFont is available to devices other than Android..let me know if there is!
As for how you specifically set it onto your phone:
1) Install the app! 
2) Find the fonts you want. I suggest getting multiple, some fonts look better than others.
3) Go to - Settings - My Device - Display - Scroll down to fonts - and pick your font! 

Hopefully that answered your question and the anon’s question about fonts. Message me if you have any more questions! <3